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  • TV-System: DVBT/S2, Android Combo.
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  • 12 Months warranty.






1.      Do I need a recessed mount, a surface mount, or do I want the TV on a swivel bracket?

2.      For a surface mount, can I hang the TV flat against the wall, without any space?

3.      Can I hang the TV against the wall without drilling or making a hole in the wall?

4.      What size do I need? 

5.      What is the screen resolution?  Full HD and 4K TV’s are ready for the future.

6.      Is the front made of heat-strengthened mirror glass, or acrylic/plastic?

7.      Is the TV case made of rustproof aluminum?

8.      Are the cable (HDMI, power) connectors protected from moisture and dirt?

9.      Is there an active cooling and airflow system inside the TV unit that will extend the lifetime of the TV and gives a much better anti-fog feature?

10.  Is the TV powered by safe 12 or 24 volt?

11.  Has the TV the latest Android 6.0 application?

12.  Do I need DVB-T2, DVB-S2 in the TV?

13.  Has the TV an integrated set top box compartment so that I can easily change the TV system in a few years?

14.  Has the remote control a holder so that I can stick it against the wall or mirror without drilling holes?

15.  Has the remote a keyboard so I can easily control the Smart TV functions?

16.  Is the speaker unit separated from the TV unit to avoid moisture inside the TV?

17.  Has the TV 2 x 10 Watt power for better sound quality?

18.  Has the TV 2 duo speakers for good audio?

19.  Is there a 20’ waterproof extension cable available so that I can locate the power supply in a safe place?

20.  Has the TV an IR out, so that I can control a (hidden) DVD player, or set top box that is somewhere else in the bathroom?

21.  Has the TV enhanced brightness TV screens, so that the visibility is still good is I locate the TV unit near a window?

22.  Has the TV touch buttons on the front, so that I can easily control the TV without the remote control?

23.  Has the TV small bezel so that I can safe space and that it looks like a modern TV?

24.  Are there external speakers available that match the style if the TV unit?

25.  Has the TV HDMI-CEC so that the TV turns on automatically when I turn on the set top box, or DVD player?

26.  Has the TV unit official licensed HDMI connectors (

27.  Is there direct Bluetooth access to the speakers to connect my smartphone?