Ocea 600 Smart Touch Bathroom TV (60″ diagonal screen size, 4K Ultra HD)

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  • Ocea 600. 60″ diagonal screen size ,4k Ultra HD Waterproof Bathroom TV with Smart Touch Control. New Model 2018.
  • Ocea Smart touch bathroom TV is equipped with a full screen, waterproof touch screen. Control your TV up to 50% faster than with a regular remote control.
  • Touch Screen Smart TV. DVBT2/S2 with latest Android Smart TV included. Connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Powered with safe 12 volt.
  • Automatic Internal Cooling System.
  • Fog free screen.
  • Tempered mirror glass.
  • Can be recessed or surface mounted.
  • Great sound quality with speaker bar or external speakers.
  • One year factory warranty (part and labor).
  • Easy return policy: Return within 14 days (UK only).

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